Girl has a toothache from cold ice cream.

Pediatric Pulp Therapy in Hurst,TX

“Dental pulp” is the soft tissue at the center of a tooth that contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. When the pulp becomes damaged or infected, your child may experience tooth pain, temperature sensitivity, swelling, redness and/or a prematurely loose tooth. If the condition is not treated, the infection can spread beyond the dental pulp.

Because primary teeth are so important – they help children speak clearly and chew properly, and they help permanent teeth come in correctly – it is often desirable to try to save a primary tooth with damaged pulp, rather than to simply remove the tooth. Often, pediatric pulp therapy (a “baby root canal”) can be used to save such a tooth.

Pediatric pulp therapy can take one of two forms, depending on how badly the dental pulp is damaged. In a pulpotomy, pulp is removed only from the tooth’s “crown” (the top part of the tooth). In a pulpectomy, pulp is removed from both the tooth’s crown and its root. In either case, the tooth will then be disinfected, filled and stabilized with a “dental crown,” which is essentially a cap that goes over the tooth.

Dr. Lin can work with you to determine whether a baby root canal is the best course of treatment for your child. 

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