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Frenectomy for Lip and Tongue Ties

A frenectomy is a procedure in which a frenulum is removed. What is a frenulum?

The lingual frenulum is the piece of soft tissue that connects the base of your tongue to the floor of the mouth. A short and thick lingual frenulum can limit the tongue’s ability to move; this is called tongue-tie. For new infants, tongue-tie can cause ineffective latch, inadequate milk transfer, and persistent nipple pain for new moms, all of which can affect feeding and weight gain, causing unnecessary stress in the family. For toddlers, tongue-tie can also cause speech issues and gum recession. A frenectomy can be used to “release” the tongue-tie and reduce or eliminate these problems. Breastfed infants typically experience an improved ability to latch beginning on the very same day as the procedure. At Hurst Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Lin and his team will work closely with your lactation consultant, pediatrician and/or speech therapist to determine if your child will benefit from a frenectomy to release the tongue-tie.

The labial frenulum is the tissue that attaches the center of your upper lip to the gum between the top two front teeth. In certain cases where the upper frenulum is too wide or long, it can create a gap between your two front teeth. Your child’s orthodontist might ask for a pediatric dentist to remove the labial frenulum either before or after your child has braces to prevent the top two teeth from drifting apart.

At Hurst Pediatric Dentistry, we offer the cutting edge technology of soft tissue laser for frenulum procedures. This technology helps patients bleed less and heal faster, making the procedure and the healing process more comfortable for your child.

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