Is Milk Good for Children’s Teeth?

April 23, 2021

It seems that avoiding dairy products is becoming increasingly common due to a perception that cow’s milk is unhealthy for children. While there certainly are valid health reasons for some kids to avoid milk, for many other children, cow’s milk is an important source of nutrients that are essential for their development and for keeping…

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start getting permanent teeth

When Do Kids Get Their Permanent Teeth?

April 5, 2021

Is your child approaching the age where you’re starting to wonder when those first permanent teeth should begin showing up? Or has your child already started getting permanent teeth, but the process isn’t going quite as you had expected? If you find yourself filled with questions about your child’s new permanent teeth, you are not…

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What Is Enamel Hypoplasia?

March 19, 2021

Dental enamel – the outermost layer of our teeth – is the hardest substance in the human body. It needs to be, because enamel is what protects the sensitive, nerve-filled centers of our teeth against hard chewing and biting forces. Unfortunately, dental enamel does not always form properly. Disruptions to the enamel formation process can…

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Tips for A Tooth-Friendly Easter Basket

March 15, 2021

While a sweet treat is okay every once in a while, all too often it seems that children’s Easter baskets get filled with excessive amounts of sugar. If you are hoping to give your child a lovely Easter basket, but without a side of tooth decay, read on for our tips on how to make…

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Dental Enamel Formation and Defects in Children

March 9, 2021

The visible portion of both primary (“baby”) and permanent teeth is composed of several layers. The outermost layer is known as dental enamel, and it is the hardest substance in the human body. Enamel protects the sensitive, nerve-filled centers of our teeth against hard chewing and biting forces. For a variety of reasons, the development…

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can babies be born with teeth?

Can Babies Be Born with Teeth?

March 4, 2021

Did you know that babies can be born with teeth? Natal teeth (i.e., teeth that are present at birth) are relatively rare, though less rare than you might think. Approximately one out of every 2,000 to 3,500 newborns comes into the world with at least one tooth. If you’re imagining a newborn smiling up at…

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how to remove tartar from childrens teeth

Removing Tartar from Children’s Teeth

February 8, 2021

Have you noticed a yellowish or brownish substance forming along your child’s gumline? Have you tried brushing it off, but no matter how diligently you clean, it just won’t go away? If so, your child may have tartar buildup. What Is Tartar? When dental plaque is not removed from your teeth on a regular basis,…

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Can Silver Diamine Fluoride Stop Tooth Decay?

January 25, 2021

So, your kid has a cavity. You know you need to do something – if left untreated, cavities can lead to serious infections – but, whether due to your child’s age or special needs or dental anxiety, your kid is unable to tolerate a filling. You have considered pediatric dental sedation, but maybe your child…

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How to Choose the Best Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

January 5, 2021

Your child’s dental health is a crucial part of his or her overall health and wellbeing. Poor oral healthcare in children can lead to pain, infections, loss of teeth and bone structure, and potentially serious general health issues. Finding the best pediatric dentist for your child is an important part of helping your child achieve…

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bad snacks for children's teeth

Bad Snacks for Children’s Teeth

December 30, 2020

We all know that sweets like cookies and candies are bad for kids’ teeth, but what about savory snacks, like chips? Or healthier snacks, like raisins? Parents are often surprised to learn that these types of snacks can lead to tooth decay, too. Read on for a list of snacks that many parents don’t realize…

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A Guide to Flossing Children’s Teeth

December 8, 2020

Imagine washing a reusable straw coated in smoothie. Would you scrub the outside but then put the straw away in the cabinet without bothering to clean the inside? Of course you wouldn’t. If you did, bacteria would grow and your straw would get pretty gross. Now think about your child’s teeth. Would you brush your…

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pregnancy and oral health

Pregnancy and Oral Health: Effects on Baby’s Teeth

November 23, 2020

If you’re pregnant, you know that your lifestyle choices can affect your baby’s health. Your OB/GYN has undoubtedly recommended that you take prenatal vitamins, limit caffeine and avoid alcohol. But has your doctor also told you that maintaining good oral hygiene is important for your baby’s health? Poor dental health in pregnant women has been…

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