How Can Dental Sealants Help My Child?

While encouraging your child to brush and floss regularly is essential for preventing cavities, sometimes it can be difficult to effectively reach and clean every groove or crevice, especially on the back teeth. Fortunately, dental sealants can help. At Hurst Pediatric Dentistry, we are proud to offer dental sealants to help protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay.

Which Areas Are Most Vulnerable to Tooth Decay?

Cavities most often form on the premolars and molars at the back of the mouth. The chewing surfaces on those teeth are rough and covered with grooves known as pits and fissures. Plaque and food particles may become trapped in these areas, allowing bacteria to flourish and attack the tooth enamel, which can potentially result in tooth decay.

How Can Dental Sealants Help?

Dental sealants are thin, white-colored coatings that are painted onto the chewing surfaces of premolars and molars. The material bonds to the pits and fissures, forming a protective shield and making them more resistant to tooth decay. According to the CDC,[1] children between the ages of 6 and 11 without sealants have nearly 3 times more first molar cavities than those with sealants. Sealants have also been shown to be effective for use over areas with early decay to minimize further damage.

We typically recommend applying dental sealants when your child’s permanent molars start coming in (which usually happens around age six). Protecting these teeth right from the start can help prevent many future dental problems.

How Are Sealants Applied?

Applying dental sealants is a quick, simple, and pain-free procedure. First, we clean and dry the premolars and molars and place an etching material on the surfaces to help the sealant bond. Next, we place the sealant material onto the prepared teeth and use a special curing light to harden it. The resulting coating provides a protective barrier, essentially sealing off the teeth to help protect them from plaque and bacteria exposure.

Dental Sealants in Hurst, TX

Contact Hurst Pediatric Dentistry to learn more about our quality preventive dentistry services, including dental sealants, and how they can help keep dental decay at bay. Our team is committed to ensuring our patients maintain healthy teeth and beautiful smiles.